Here are some frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer to your question below then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I ride my horse after the treatment?

It is advisable to give your horse some turnout on the day of treatment or be allowed to walk out for at least 20mins after they have been treated. In the days following the treatment, listen to your horse, it may be that he/she needs a few days to process the changes their body is making. If this is the case their work load should be adjusted accordingly.

How Many sessions will my horse need?

This is very dependent on the type of problem(s) your horse has. I would normally recommend that you try to book in at least 2-3 sessions to feel the full benefits. Some people find their horse shows much improvement after just one session, however some problems that have been longstanding can take longer to address. Some horses with chronic conditions benefit from regular treatments to manage their symptoms. Many clients use top up treatments for their horses as a kind of maintenance to help prevent problems recurring. This can be very important for horses that are regularly in competition or hard work.

How Much does is cost?

Please refer to the treatment & prices page for details.

Can foals be treated?

Bowen therapy is such a non-invasive therapy this makes it suitable for foals too. As they have not had chance to build up the compensation patterns that you would see in an adult horse they tend to respond quickly to treatment.

Can I mix Bowen with other treatments?

We advise that you don't have any other treatments i.e massage, acupuncture, chiropractic at least 5 days before and after your treatment as this can effect the efficacy of the Bowen.

How often can my horse have treatment?

Bowen treatments are generally spaced on average 5-7 days apart unless there has been a re-injury or a completely new problem that needs addressing. The reason for this gap between treatments is that Bowen work carries on effecting the body over a number of days so it is important to give the body chance to heal.

Does it have immediate results?

This again is dependent on the problem. Some horses have immediate results but others find that it takes a little longer to see results.

are there any after effects?

Following an Equine Bowen treatment, some horses may show symptoms such as discharge from the nose or eyes, or have darker/stronger urine or droppings, this may indicate a toxin release. These reactions are a positive sign that the healing process is working. If you are at all concerned please consult your vet or Bowen practitioner.