Bowen is a great therapy, but don't just take my word for it…… here are what some of my clients have to say. 


Jayne provides a very personal service to ensure the atmosphere is calming and professional so that you can truly relax both human and equine. Jayne initially worked on my horses especially Mr Mouse who was having a few issues. After the treatment the improvement was incredible allowing our training to leap forward not only noticed by myself, but my trainer and farrier, and the results in the ring speak form themselves. Jayne's treatments have given my boy Mouse a more positive relaxed attitude towards his work & I am truly grateful. Mouse is quite a shy nervous horse but to see him totally relaxed & submissive with Jayne during a treatment is a rare and beautiful sight. After the amazing results with my equines I decided to have a treatment myself, having been on a long journey of back pain and spinal surgery. Jayne listened in great detail and explained her treatments and methods in a much more comprehensive yet understanding way with no baffling jargon. Whilst having the first treatment I could physically feel the changes being made to the muscle fibres allowing the pain to fade away, I now know how to live a life totally pain free. Jayne has a fantastic unique personalised individual treatment plans, where else can you get a treatment for both me & my boys together and on the odd occasion side by side!


After suffering from arthritis for years my knees had reached a point where I was having sleepless nights from the pain and I was finding I was unable to walk very far. I had never even heard of Bowen Therapy but was recommended to try it. I am so glad I did. I couldn't believe how such a gentle, non- invasive technique could have such a profound result. If I'm honest, after my first session I thought surely that can't have done anything but I persevered and I'm so glad. After 3 sessions I was back to sleeping and had such relief from the pain I started to enjoy walks again. I now manage my condition by having regular top up sessions every 2 months or as and when I feel like my body needs a bit of an MOT.

FREYA - Equine Treatment

Arab Stallion, New Forest Gelding, and Lusitano Mare
All of my horses were treated by Jayne and they all showed huge improvements in their work and movement. My elderly Arab acted and moved like a 4 year old after every treatment and the Bowen therapy really improved his stiffness and comfort. My New Forest pony responded excellently to the treatments and our schooling issues were solved. The Bowen therapy also helped improve my dressage mare’s way of going and she was able to work from behind and through her back more effectively. I would not hesitate to use Jayne again and I highly recommend Bowen therapy for any rehabilitation work, check ups, or to just give the horses a pamper session! Top class service with top class results.

Mollie - Baby Bowen for Torticollis

My little girl was born with mild torticollis where her head was tilted to one side. This resulted in her not being able to sit unaided or do tummy time as she could not balance herself. This resulted in a delay with her development, she didn’t crawl until 18 months and didn’t walk till she was 21 months. She had numerous physio and osteopath treatments but with no lasting results. I then discovered Bowen which I had used previously on myself with massively good results.

My little girl had her first treatment with Jayne and straight away her whole body seemed to be straighter even her eye was more level with the other eye. Her walking became steadier and gradually her development came on in leaps and bounds. As an added extra her digestive system became more balanced as she had suffered with colic as a baby and never really had a settled tummy. After her Bowen sessions, she is now regular with her bowel movements has no constipation and sleeps right through from 7.30 till 8am (sometimes later!!)

At first Jayne treated her weekly but as she became straighter and stronger the treatments are now every 4/6 weeks. If you want a happy baby/toddler I would more than recommend Bowen it is very gentle and they love it.

Tizzy - Equine Treatment

Jayne came out to see one of my ponys who had been lethargic but with no obvious clinical signs. The vet had been to see her but could not pin point anything. A friend of mine recommended Jayne and said sessions with her had highly improved her horses performance. Jayne arrived early and struck up an instant rapport and started telling me all about the treatment, how it worked and what to expect. She conducted a thorough questionnaire on Lyric's husbandry, health and behaviour. Once the treatment started my pony very quickly zoned out for the whole treatment and seemed to get brighter with each session. Jayne even sent me a text after sessions to see how she was doing and gave me a leaflet on aftercare. All in all it was a very professional service that I would highly recommend.


I originally went to Jayne with sleep and tinnitus problems and didn't really know what to expect. Bowen treatment is very gentle but so effective, and after trying other therapies, some of which can be very uncomfortable this was a pleasure. It left me so relaxed and feeling very well. The results for my Tinnitus weren't instant it took a few sessions before I really started to see results. My tinnitus hasn't fully gone but has been greatly reduced and if you suffer from tinnitus you'll know that any reduction in the noise is welcome. This has now enabled me to get much better sleep which has made such a difference to my everyday life. I am so pleased with the results and would highly recommend trying it.

EMILY - Equine Treatment

My youngster Chess absolutely loved his Bowen treatment with Jayne, he suffers from shivers so gets tense on his back legs and this really helped him to relax and stretch his legs under him really helping with his ridden work. He recently went out and achieved 63% in his first attempt at dressage and I believe the Bowen helped a lot in this, Jayne is great with the horses and they love receiving the treatment, would recommend!


I can recommend trying Bowen therapy for a problem shoulder. It is a very relaxing experience and one which produced surprising results from what to me seemed like very minimal manipulation. Movement in my arm/shoulder had been fairly limited, but after three sessions there was considerable improvement, I could move my arm much more freely and I was not in as much pain. It's a treatment I would certainly recommend and Jayne is a very professional and calming presence in whom you can put your trust.

Joan - Back Pain

When I had been having back pain silimar to sciatica, although it had not been officially diagnosed, Jayne offered to give me Bowen treatment. I jumped at the chance of this as I had had this treatment a few years ago with great success. Its hard to describe Bowen as it does not involve hard manipulation or removal of clothing, in fact it does not feel like anything is happening. However you do feel some internal movement, similar to wind, as the treatment enables the body to heal itself. After three treatments the pain was gone and to date has not returned. I would have no hestitation returning to Jayne if I find myself with any of the many conditions that bowen helps.