Bowen Therapy treatments are targeted and non-invasive.


Treatment PRICES

First treatment - £45

Follow UP treatments - £35

Please call for babies' prices as these are available at greatly reduced rates

*Please note :- A minimum of 24hrs must be given for any cancellations, or charges will be applicable.

What to expect

On your first visit to the Rebalance Bowen Therapy clinic you will have a full consultation to assess your needs before starting your treatment; this means your first appointment lasts a little longer, usually around 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes.

Each subsequent session usually lasts around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The treatment itself can be performed directly on skin or through light clothing depending on whichever the client feels most comfortable with. (Please note bulky fabrics such as denim jeans are not ideal to work through so please bear this in mind if you would prefer to be worked on through light clothing.)

Each Bowen Therapy session varies according to the particular problems of the client. At the start of each session the client will be assessed for any misalignment or structural problems, the treatment will then be tailored to their needs. It is very important to remember that everything in the body is connected and the root cause of the issue isn't always the part that is giving you the pain.

Clients usually lie on a massage/bodywork table or bed, or may be seated in a chair if required for comfort. A 'session involves one or more 'procedures', each of which consists of several sets of 'moves'. The moves are gentle, but purposeful. Between each set of moves, the practitioner pauses for as many minutes as are needed for the client's body to begin responding, in this time the practitioner leaves the room to allow the client to fully relax. It is during these waiting periods that clients have reported tingling, warm and cool feelings in their bodies and sometimes twitching sensations. Others report nothing apart from a deep sense of relaxation, it is quite common for clients to fall asleep during the treatment due to its profound relaxing effects. Each individual has a different response to Bowen so don't worry either way. As the nervous system begins to adjust the tension level in the muscles, the practitioner assesses when the client is ready for the next set of moves.

Bowen can be performed through light clothing

Bowen can be performed through light clothing


After each session the client is advised to drink plenty of water to help aid the body in it's recovery process. Also the client is asked to get up and walk around every 30 minutes until they go to bed. This is important to help keep the muscles moving and help the effects of the treatment. It is also advised to not mix Bowen Therapy with any other modalities for 5 days either side of the treatments.  


Rebalance Bowen Technique for Children Cumbria.jpg

Bowen is Safe for CHildren & Babies

Due to Bowen therapy being a non-invasive therapy, it is ideal for babies and children too. The parent/guardian is present throughout the treatment, babies don't require the same waiting patterns between Bowen 'moves' as their bodies have not had long enough to build up the memory patterns like adults.