Apple Cider Vinegar for inflammation

I thought I'd write about Apple Cider Vinegar this week seeing as I am currently sat here with a Apple Cider Vinegar compress on my knee. I often recommend Apple Cider Vinegar compresses to clients who are suffering from inflammation or conditions such as arthritis when the joint is feeling hot and inflamed, often with very positive results. Until now I haven't had the need to try it myself, but after pushing myself a bit too far on a fell walk I have now got inflammation in the quadriceps tendon. This was extremely painful to go up and down stairs and even to drive as it was my leg for using the clutch. So after doing a few Bowen moves around the knee and leg I then applied the Apple Cider Vinegar compress for around two hours. The next day I noticed a slight improvement so I repeated the compress the following night and noticed a significant difference the next day, I was able to go up and down stairs normally without the stabbing pain. I now only have a small bit of pain, however I am carrying on with the compresses for a few extra days just to help settle things down properly and then I can get back out on the fells. 


Tom Bowen was an advocate of Apple Cider Vinegar as the compresses in conjunction with Bowen tend to have positive results.

Apple Cider Vinegar can be used for all sorts of different remedies so is great to have around the house. If you have particularly sensitive skin you may want to dilute the Apple Cider Vinegar with some water first. I pour the Apple Cider Vinegar on to a cloth (I always use organic ACV), apply it to the affected area and I usually use something like cling film to secure it. It may not smell too great (unless you like smelling like a bag of chips) however it is a great alternative to help with inflammation and great for various sports injuries too.

Since drafting my blog the other day, I carried on with the compresses and now I'm back on the fells :-)

Since drafting my blog the other day, I carried on with the compresses and now I'm back on the fells :-)