Welcome to the Rebalance Bowen blog

Hello and welcome to the Rebalance Bowen Therapy blog. I thought that I would start a blog to help keep people posted with the latest goings on in the Bowen world and other holistic health and wellbeing info. If you're anything like me you will be constantly looking for ways to improve your overall health and wellbeing. So in the spirit of looking after my own wellbeing too I've brought my lap top outside to start my blog and make the most of the sunshine and get some of that all important vitamin D!

Bowen Therapy isn't as well known as some of the other modalities such as Chiropractic and acupuncture etc but is starting to become a lot more popular due to many people finding how helpful it can be with so many conditions. It was through my own experience of Bowen Therapy that I ended up becoming a therapist. I had suffered for years with health problems and back pain and had been to see so many different people to try and help it i.e doctors, chiropractors, massage, acupuncture etc until I was recommended to try Bowen Therapy. Well I have to say after my first appointment I thought surely that can't have done much?! It was so gentle and I was used to seeing a Chiropractor with lots of cracking and crunching. After my first appointment I felt a bit grotty which is perfectly normal with most treatments, and as I had tried just about every thing going it didn't concern me, but actually made me think this must have done something! I thought i'm going to give this a chance so I went back for another appointment and I'm really glad I did because Bowen Therapy has by far been the best way for me to manage my aches and pains. I'm now able to have top up sessions every 8 weeks which keeps me going nicely as opposed to the weekly then monthly visits to the chiropractor that I was so heavily reliant on to just keep me going. That is not to say that I don't think Chiropractic is any good as I do feel it works well for some people. I'm not going to tell you that Bowen Therapy is better than any other therapy but I would encourage people who haven't already, to give it a try as you may just be surprised at the outcomes that you can have from it. I gave it a chance and I will admit was slightly sceptical but I'm glad I stuck with it. Through the Rebalance Bowen Therapy clinic and my blog I really hope to help others find ways to improve their own health and wellbeing.