Ashleigh & Burwood aromatherapy scent hub

I was really excited this week when the new addition to my treatment room arrived. 

Amora scent hub

Ashleigh & Burwood's new Amora scent hub will allow me to use the added benefits of aromatherapy whilst doing Bowen Therapy sessions. Most people who come to see me for Bowen Therapy are feeling stressed or frustrated in some way as they are having to deal with pain or an illness of some kind. Bowen Therapy is excellent for creating a deep sense of relaxation and the more relaxing the treatment the more the body will benefit. The Amora scent hub is fantastic to help with this as I can now use blends of relaxing oils to diffuse and create a relaxing environment for the client. The scent hub also has the added benefit of mood lighting and bluetooth so I can play relaxing music through it too. From a therapeutic perspective I would always say it's best to use high quality pure essential oils. Ashleigh & Burwood assured me that their oils are all 100% pure with no added synthetics, also if you don't know much about aromatherapy they have already created 7 different blends depending on which kind of ambience you are looking for. I thought I would try two of their relaxing blends and an energising blend for anyone who's suffering from exhaustion and needs a bit of a pick me up. 

Amora scent hub @ Rebalance Bowen

The scent hub is very simple to use, just add some purified water to the water tank with a few drops of your chosen oil and you are good to go. The mist is meant to act as an ioniser and humidifier too. The scent hubs come in various different styles. However, I thought this one would go nicely in my treatment room. 

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